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5 Ways to love your woman captain at the helm – Part 1

Cover photo: 33-foot Dutch-built steel sloop, Nomad, first sailboat of our guest Captain Priscilla Travis — Estimated reading time 15 minutes – ” This is Captain Kate, but you can call me Captain because it took me 19 years to earn this title. “Those are typically the first words that passengers hear booming over the speakers when they are aboard any cruise ship helmed by Captain Kate McCue. The announcement continues, like the woman who makes it, friendly and lighthearted, but also sharp and direct,” wrote Tariro Mzezewaa, a travel reporter for The New York Times, in her 2019 article. She happens to be one of my favorite travel writers. She continued, explaining that Captain McCue became the first American woman to captain a cruise...


Tips for cruising through America’s Great Loop – Part 2

It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you begin Photo above: Navy Pier, a 3,300-foot pier built for tour and excursion boats, as shown before the skyline of Chicago. It is Chicago’s number one tourist attraction. Estimated reading time 16 minutes – In Part 1 of this story, perhaps you started to dream about America’s Great Loop and got a glimpse of what it is to be a Looper through Phyllis and Dick Radlinskis’ eyes and experiences. They left the Chesapeake Bay in the summer of 2014, went North to New York, and from there passed on to Canada’s great canal network. After piloting through Canadian waters, they transited through two historic canal systems and 90 locks—yes, 90 locks—then Georgian Bay and the...