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What is in a name, X Æ A-12, a boat name or otherwise?

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes – Sometimes it is hard to know by simply looking at a name if it is a rock band name, racehorse name, or a boat name. For example, Oasis shows up as a rock band name, racehorse name, as well as a boat name. Well, Oasis is also a girl’s name. I would not be surprised if someone already is or is about to name their child Oasis. Not to mention having a few product names as Oasis.  It is a changing world and, of course, these trends did not start with Coronavirus or Covid-19.  Are you ready for this name?  Can you guess what this stands for: X Æ A-12 ? I’ll give you a clue.  It is not...


You want to buy a boat, eh?

How to make family boating a reality — it’s a fun activity that can also help you reconnect with family and friends Estimated Reading Time: 14 minutes – Let’s start with a wish or perhaps a dream and call it, “I want to have a boat.”  So far, so good. Next, you have to start doing some soul searching and answer the very first simple, but not so simple, question: “why?”  Take your time and be honest with yourself when you’re trying to answer the “why” question. Write it down, think it through long and deep, and talk to your friends and family. Look for people who already have a boat. One of the best places to find such people is in your local chapter...