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SBFL Series


OBX, where coastal legends are born – Part 1

Cover photo: Learning to Hang-Glide on Jockey’s Ridge State Park, Nags Head in the Outer Banks, North Carolina (OBX) Estimated reading time 10 minutes – SBFL 15* – PLANNING TO VISIT – We are continuing to follow the footsteps of Dorothea and Stuart E. Jones in their 1958 National Geographic article titled, “Slow Boat to Florida,” (SBFL), and the 1973 book of Allan C. Fisher, Jr. published by National Geographic, titled, “America’s Inland Waterway.” In our previous post, Dismal Swamp, we passed the Virginia-North Carolina border and stopped at Elizabeth City, North Carolina, near the head of the Albemarle Sound.  While we are there, it is time for us to plan a few excursions in the Outer Banks and visit the same spots that our...


6 tips for the Atlantic ICW journey and the story of Makau

Estimated reading time 18 minutes – We recently had a great time talking to Captain George Bentz and his wife, First Mate Lisa Bentz, about the lessons learned from their semi-prepared cruise up the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) from Port Charlotte, Florida, to their homeport in the Chesapeake Bay this past spring. By the way, they definitely don’t suggest anybody do it the way they did it, “semi-prepared” being the operative word.  The 6 tips they shared with readers and anyone contemplating a future trip on the ICW was most compelling.  Excellent communication with your crew at all times is a must Let’s start with Tip Number 1: Excellent communication with your crew at all times is a must. Captain Bentz stressed that the...


Are there alligators in the Dismal Swamp?

Estimated reading 12 – SBFL 14* – PLANNING TO VISIT– Before we get to alligators, it is hard not to recall our Slow Boat to Florida journey up to now.  We avoided challenging seas and traveled only in fair weather for our trips of discovery. We are determined to be on the water only in fair weather.  Once we rushed and made a couple of wrong choices. That is a reality in boating, of course.  But, honestly, thankfully that did not happen working on this series. It was another trip and since then our daughter has refused to join us whenever we have trips longer than 30 minutes out on the open waters. For this series, we are on our way to Florida on the...


There is a battleship at the end of this road

Cover photo: How often can you  find a battleship, nearly 3 football fields long and almost 200 feet tall, at the end of any street? Well, if you are in Norfolk, you definitely could. Go to the intersection of Boush and West Plume Streets and you will see the USS Wisconsin (in the background). Better yet, this amazing battleship is open to visitors. Photo by Thad Zajdowicz. Estimated reading time 15 minutes – SBFL 13*  – PLANNING TO VISIT – 2 Virginia towns not to miss on the way down to Florida on the ICW – Norfolk and Portsmouth. – Imagine this. You have some time on hand and are heading down south to Florida with your boat on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). Let’s...