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6 tips for the Atlantic ICW journey and the story of Makau

Estimated reading time 18 minutes – We recently had a great time talking to Captain George Bentz and his wife, First Mate Lisa Bentz, about the lessons learned from their semi-prepared cruise up the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) from Port Charlotte, Florida, to their homeport in the Chesapeake Bay this past spring. By the way, they definitely don’t suggest anybody do it the way they did it, “semi-prepared” being the operative word.  The 6 tips they shared with readers and anyone contemplating a future trip on the ICW was most compelling.  Excellent communication with your crew at all times is a must Let’s start with Tip Number 1: Excellent communication with your crew at all times is a must. Captain Bentz stressed that the...


5 ways to love your woman captain at the helm – Part 3

Cover photo: Captain Mary Ann DeGraw off Cape Hatteras going North on a spring delivery from Key West to Annapolis. “I was never really impressed when I was out there. What I love about this picture is the reminder of the pure joy I felt.” Estimated reading time, 14 minutes – Have you heard of Anne Bonny? How about Mary Read? What about Mary Ann DeGraw? If your answer is “no,” let me introduce them to you. These are the names of three woman captains at the helm having full control. Mary Read was an English woman who led a normal life until her husband died. Then, forsaking everything to fill the void in her heart, she took to the sea. Anne Bonny was a...